Sunday, January 8, 2012

LIBIDO Cruise and Hustle Gay Sex Wall

"The World Belongs to Hustlers"

BACKGROUND:  Fight, Fuck, OR Bust!

The LIBIDO Cruise and Hustle Gay Sex Wall is the first of its kind in SL.  A gay encounter(s) in which men find themselves Fighting, Fucking and/or Busting another guy depending upon the chemistry between them.

Role play is controlled by using the menu to maneuver your posing partner into the desired activity or outcome.  How you want to play the game changes depending upon the guy you encounter. 

FIGHT for control of the menu and knock your opponent to the ground.   FUCK that hot bottom OR BUST that pathetic piece of trash .  You never know he may just be "the one" you've been looking for all along.  In either of the gay encounters mentioned above the Menu accomodates the encounter at hand.

TOPS cruising for BOTTOMS
Tops use the Cruise menu.  Choose the pose Cruise4Sex and wait for the right bottom to pass by. Additional activity for the Top while in wait is to WorkOut and Model. When the right bottom comes along, choose the Hustle Menu and the pose Get Trick. The bottom will see the invite to animate with the Top.  Where the action goes from there depends on the chemistry between them.  If they hit it off, they can proceed to the poses labelled Hustle and ending in the Gay Sex Menus.

BOTTOMS cruising for TOPS
Bottoms use the "UnderCover" menu. Suggestive poses lure and bait a Top to the Bottom.  When the Bottom spots a Top he wants to have sex with or Bust, the pose LureHim chats an invite to the Top to join the Bottom.

The Gay Sex Menus offer BlowJobs, Finger/Rimming,Dog Style and standing sex against a wall.

Each LIBIDO Cruise and Hustle Gay Sex Wall is manually produced one by one.  Limited quantities of the wall are available as each one is manually produced to keep up with sales.  Check the store for walls as they are produced.

**NOTE: The LIBIDO Cruise and Hustle Sex Wall is designed for interactive play at public cruising areas.  However, for those "Partnered Up" the wall provides just as much fun at home!  My partner Cris has the bruises to prove it!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

LIBIDO Night of Dreams w/ Group Sex Menus

BACKGROUND: Night of Dreams is bottom boi's dream come true. In the previous 3some bed there was the Alpha and the Omega designed for a Dom Sub/Sub SWAP.

Night of Dreams is Bottom Top/Top SWAP. In addition it contains 4somes, an Initiation Menu or Power Bottom Scene and a 6some Menu for Orgies.

As always, the bed can always be used as it animates a Single, Couples (with alot of new poses) and then the 4 Group Sex Menus for 3Men, 4Men up to 6Men. Comes with an Owner's Manual describing the Group Sex Menus.

This product offers a total of 155 poses (excluding the system ones of default and stand), drawing on 235 animations created by 19 animator(s). 117 of the poses come with rezzable props. It also offers 362 facial expressions.


-In this Menu you Need 2 Tops and 1 Bottom. The most extensive Group Sex Menu with 29 Poses.

-What does SWAP do in this Menu? SWAPs the 2 Top Men while they pound on the Bottom.


- In this Menu you Need 2 Tops and 2 Bottoms. The Menu initiates the BDSM theme of the Bed with Chain effects on the fucking poses. Includes 1 Cuddle and 1 Blow Job Pose the rest are Sex Poses.

-What does SWAP do in this Menu? SWAPs the 2 Top Men and the 2 Bottom Menu while maintaing their roles as a Top or a Bottom.

●Initiation MENU

- In this Menu you Need 1 Bottom and 5 Tops. A Gang Bang with a twist of saying its the Bottom guys Rezz Day Party OR an Initiation Ceremony into for example say Your Group.

**You can cuztomize the .Sequence Notecard to invite guys into your group.

-What does SWAP do in this Menu? SWAPs the 5 Top Men to fuck, toast a drink to OR Cum on the 1 Bottom Man.

- In this Menu you Need 4 Tops and 2 Bottoms. Its a 3some times 2. SWAP will swap the Tops to fuck each Bottom.

-What does SWAP do in this Menu? SWAPs the 4 Top Men to fuck the 2 Bottom MEN

Thursday, March 24, 2011


BACKGROUND: "The Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."

1) Designed for an Alpha Top to have his way with 2 eager bottoms. NOTE: In addition to the 3Some Poses the Bed has the 2Some Poses of the original LIBIDO Gay Encounters bed with an added twist of some notable poses from the LIBIDO BDSM Capture bed.

2) A 3Some Sex Bed centering all attention on the top. Designed to SWAP 2 bottoms while maintaing the dominance of the Top. The Top is never SWAPPED from the dominate position in the 3some Menu. However, in the 2some Menus SWAP is still enabled to SWAP the Top Man.

3) In other words found in most dictionairies: A total top is one who tops exclusively. A power top is one noted for their great skill and/or aggressiveness in topping. A service top is one who tops under the direction of two eager bottoms.

This product offers a total of 149 poses (excluding the system ones of default and stand), drawing on 266 animations created by 19 animator(s). 129 of the poses come with rezzable props. It also offers 358 facial expressions.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LIBIDO Capture BDSM Gay Sex Bed

BACKGROUND: Cuff, Chain & Collar Him into submission. Compatible with LockGuard, Tokon & Xcite. Gives Cuffs & Open Collar via Menu.

This product offers a total of 146 poses (excluding the system ones of default and stand), drawing on 217 animations. 123 of the poses come with rezzable props. It also offers 281 facial expressions.

WHAT'S NEW in the LIBIDO Capture BDSM Sex BED?

BDSM - Designed for Cuffing and Chaining using particle chains and Open Collar. The first Menu BDSM is where a new level of Control of your Bottom takes root.

Give Him the Cuffs to wear on the first Pose CAPTURE. After wearing the Cuffs advance to the Sequence OWNED as the Bed Chains Him Cuff by Cuff until he is at your feet in complete Submission. The Sequence is great for setting up your Role Playing and letting him know exactly who OWNS Him.

Your going to have to experience it for yourself but beyond the BDSM Menu particle chains are active in the Man Hole, Penetrate & Missionary Menus.

Adding to the "emotional responsing" of the particle Chain Effects the Bed has Advanced Sequencing with 3 NEW HOT Poses in the Penetration & Missionary Menus which is guaranteed to raise the bar in your Dungeon to new heights.

****TIP: The Bed is highly Integrated with the Xcite! X4 HUD*** You'll want to be an Xcite! X4 Hud Owner to experience everything the Bed has to Offer.

Compatible with LockGuard, Tokon & of course XCITE! Gear.

WARRANTY: 30 days from purchase date, If you find you don't like the Bed return it for your money back.

REMEMBER, we want completely happy customers knowing you have the bed you want!

For Customer Support IM: Duke Magneto

EXCHANGES: Anytime, if you need a different color pattern, contact us and send back your present Bed to Duke Magneto for the color you need. The In-World Store will have many different color/patterns to choose from. In fact, if you want contact us for a Bed you can modify on your own to your own specific textures etc as the props are no modify in the production Bed. Once you've designed the Bed to your liking send us your modified Bed and we'll make one special for you using your design.

Monday, November 29, 2010

LIBIDO One Gay Sex Bed Christmas Gift 2010




1. From the Vendor use the Blue Arrows to View the Gift Box you will transfer to the Recipient of your gift.

2. Right Click Pay to Receive the object:

$5,900L Gift Card Boxed LIBIDO Beds Open Copy to Inventory

This is the BOXED Gift Card which is meant to be transferred to the Recipient of your Gift. When your ready to give him his present pull up his Profile and Transfer the object: $5,900L Gift Card Boxed LIBIDO Beds Open Copy to Inventory

3. He should Rezz the Object, then Right Click Copy to Inventory the Contents of the BOX.

4. Teleport to LIBIDO and choose a Bed he likes. (The LandMark will be copied to his Inventory when Opens the BOX)

5. He should be wearing the object: (wear me) 1 LIBIDO Bed for Christmas 2010 Gift Card

6. Touch the Vendor the bed he wants is in and Click on Gift Card then Click on Get Item. The Vendor will then deliver the Bed he chooses while the Gift Card is debited $5,900L he will not be charged any Lindens as all beds at LIBIDO are priced at the Value of the Gift Card.

If you encounter any problems please IM Duke Magneto.

Happy Holidays!  Love Teddy

Friday, November 12, 2010

LIBIDO Call Boy Tip Splitting Gay Sex Bed

NEW! TIP Splitting Gay Sex Bed: LIBIDO CALL BOY

BACKGROUND: HIRE! Him OR FIRE! Him: LIBIDO Call Boy takes sexual encounters to new heights as TIPS are rewarded to "Train Him" for good behavior OR if He isn't measuring up "FIRE! Him" for bad.
WHAT'S NEW IN THE CALL BOY TIP SPLITTING BED?  LIBIDO Call Boy adds another Menu to the Bed with 11 new poses:

CallBoy, Buns, Stroke, Closer, WashUp, LickHole, Massage, Poke (plus a couple bonus poses)
The menu is designed with AutoScenes to imitate a Gay Encounter with someone you would pay for sex (or train, roleplay); includes a sub-menu for manually posing on each pose.

FEATURES FOR BED OWNERS: Bed Owner determines how to Split TIPS paid to the Bed. (Home Use or Public Use) You can either Pay the entire TIP amount to the Call Boy or Retain a Percentage of TIPs as a Bed Owner providing the bed for use by others participants.
Confiqure Your Fast Pay Box Amounts to any Linden Amount.

FEATURES FOR CALL BOY: Make some Linden dollars!