Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LIBIDO Home: Custom Bed IM Duke Magneto

LIBIDO BEDS Custom Scene: ● LoverBoy
Packaged As: LIBIDO Home

BACKGROUND: LIBIDO Home is A Customized Bed using Bits N Bobs LoveScene. Modified and enhanced with Xcite!; Facial Expressions & a Menu that allows you to control the scene at a whole new level!

You already have a LIBIDO Bed. LIBIDO Home enhances your Bed to a new level intimacy. IM Duke Magneto to transform your existing Bed to LIBIDO Home. Oh you say Duke wants more Lindens! haha Cost is only 775L. 475L goes to Bits N Bobs for the animations; Duke pockets the 300L for his time.

CUSTOMIZE: Insert a custom message and video link. For Example, the Display Model in the store chats you and your partner's name while animating to Chicane's "The Drive Home".

Perfect for those who bought their LIBIDO Bed for their Boyfriend!

OK SO HOW DO I TRY IT OUT: Teleport to LIBIDO and enter the Test Bed Room.

You'll see the sign indicating LIBIDO Home Testing Bed. Click on the Bed's Frame and choose the menu Custom. In the Custom Menu choose LoverBoy then the pose Lovers. NOTE: The pose Lovers is a Bonus Pose included when your Order your LIBIDO Home Bed!
In the Menu LoverBoy you'll see 2 AutoScenes. "LoveScene" which plays the whole seen. "Stay In" which only plays the penetration part of the scene. Both Scenes end in the penetration animation. To view the scene again click on Replay. You may want to use the famous SWAP Button to be the Top/Bottom the next time around if your versatile.

TIP: Use the NEXT button to advance through the anims in each scene for quick viewing.

OK SO HOW DO I GET IT: You already own a LIBIDO Bed. Before you IM Duke Magneto determine if you want a Custom message(s)/Video Links. If so, have the YouTube Link & your custom message ready for Duke to put in your Bed.

Lovescene 1: 475L + 300L Labor Duke Magneto = TOTAL 775L

I ALREADY HAVE/PURCHASED THESE BITS N BOBS ANIMATIONS!: Great! then the upfront cost for you is 0L. But you need to transfer the unaltered Bits N Bobs scenes to Duke Magneto in order to have them installed in your Bed.

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